Brian D. Jacobson

Art Photographer, Former Journalist, Researcher, Gourmand, Culture Hound, and social rogue. Milwaukee to the beer blood.
Wisconsin to the cranberry capillaries.

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The Photographs of Blur Radial *

For over 30 years, I've been compelled to capture what I see. Some of the work has gone to gallery shows, others published while on assignment or for a series, a few commissioned pieces and many others that have been shared. They say my best work comes from street photography, while my favorite work appears before me as a tableau that I want to remember.
(*Blur Radial is an online plume de guerre I used at the dawn of my online presence, and I've been using it as an artist ever since.)

Update: I've started a page for my Published Written Work.


Both countryside and urban, these are the wider vistas that catch my attention at just the right atmosphere in time.


People in places, candid and telling.

Abstracts and Whimsy

Objects and patterns, nostalgia and wonder -- often wrapped together.

Vantage Point Milwaukee

Excerpts from a series that ran on Urban Milwaukee and culminated in a book, this is a particular point in time for the city as seen from various rooftops.


Things seen while traveling through the best state in the nation, whether on vacation or for quirky events.

Written Works

Links and captures from essays and reporting I did over a 20 year period. Feature stories, multimedia bits and links to blogs.


I have been re-examining previous works and considering that I produce very little new work despite always having a camera form on me. I also consider my lack of discipline as an author and therefore came up with a new series using previous photographs that I'm calling "Books I'll Never Write". 

ABOUT the Artist

Brian Jacobson comes from a long line of Norwegian farmers and German/French blue collar workers. He has held jobs in his lifetime from horse stall clearer to multimedia reporter. He attended UW-Milwaukee for a BFA in Film and a BS in Journalism. His photography hero is Henri-Cartier Bresson and his writing hero is Elmore Leonard. He is currently employed as an ECommerce Web Specialist for the Bon-Ton Corporation.  




Not available for weddings, and you are taking your chances hiring for portrait work. Latest toy is a Samsung Theta S 360 HD Camera.

Web Works

Self-trained on Lightroom, Photoshop, Wordpress, Office, Video Editing and Historical Research.


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How to reach BDJ
(414) 213-3126